My choice for kitchen cabinets has always been white because I just don’t like living with dark colours or too much wood grain. I liked white before it became popular; I fought the natural oak trend when we built our home in the mid 80’s and now that  dark stained cabinets seem to be the going trend where I live, I continue to love white.

Just how popular are white cabinets?

  I decided to conduct a very unscientific poll using the kitchen section of Houzz.   I looked at the first 50 pictures of long views of kitchens  sorted by most popular today and here is what I found out:  Of the 50…..

8% were  natural wood or stained wood

 There was a mix of  stains…

….from this very dark espresso like colour …

…. to a mid value cherry….

Most of the cabinet  were lighter colours so this black  kitchen stood out. I think it works in dark because it is open to a much larger space and there is a liberal use of light creams and white. Working with dark cabinets has to be a balancing act or you end up with a cave.

Yellow was perhaps the most  unusual colour choice   of the fifty surveyed kitchens and you would really have to love yellow to live in this kitchen. 

 You can never go wrong with a soft colour for kitchen cabinets.  This creamy green is light enough to open up the space, but you can still define it as a colour.  I think it was a good solution in this Craftsman style house where the traditional finish would have been stained wood.

Kitchen And Bath Venegas and Company

I think the darker island concept with white kitchens works really well  to add drama to a space. This  dark colour also grounds the room and integrates well with a darker hardwood floor.    Oh, to have all those drawers!

 Great Spaces!

Of the darker islands, the most prevalent colour was a deep stained brown.

2 % were white with a lighter coloured island 

 I think the soft blue/green works great with the wood tones in this very Mediterranean  styled kitchen.

54 % were white or off white

 Of the kitchens I showed did you notice what the most popular floor treatment was?

And there you have it.  What’s your favourite cabinet finish?


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