We survived a big spring snow storm over the weekend, you can check out my girl Rio,
and our yard and buried in the snow on Instagram. I don’t mind it at all, it’s so beautiful,
 already melting, and we’re headed for balmy high 70s by the weekend!
   I feel a little silly giving you instructions because this DIY Mud Cloth pillow is super
 simple. You truly can’t make a mistake! 

I googled ‘African Mud Cloth’ Images for pattern inspiration and combined several

designs I liked. You’ll find some are more simplistic and sparse than others,
 I preferred the more detailed patterns. 

I started out with black fabric, but didn’t find a pen that gave me crisp white

lines, they seemed to fade out against the black. In order to get the darker

color for my pillow I went with more pattern to cover the light background. 


1/2 yard fabric – I used a heavy cotton twill

16 x 26 Ikea feather insert for lumbar here – $6.99
4 – 4″ Tassels from Hobby Lobby similar – $3.99/pkg of 2 ($2.50 with coupon)

Sharpie Permanent Marker Black – Fine Point



Measure and cut fabric to desired pillow size:


Play around with different patterns from your inspiration designs.
Mix and match your favorite combinations to get a feel for what you like, and how
the Sharpie marker writes on the fabric.  

Have fun drawing:

A hand drawn technique is what you’re going for. Throw perfection out the window
and start doodling with a tribal vibe. You don’t want anything fancy, or curly swirly.  
You can see how imperfect mine is, but when you see the overall pattern on the pillow
it’s not noticeable. 

Sew together and add tassels:  
I’m assuming you’re familiar with sewing the pillow together, but if not there are a
multitude of easy tutorials on Pinterest, including new sew, envelope style, zipper, etc.
under DIY Pillow Covers.
I sewed a tassel at each corner for an extra detail.  

It’s a fun print that easily coordinates with other patterns, too.  
That’s it friends, have fun doodling! 


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