One of my Christmas presents from my boys (#truth I ordered it and gave it to them to wrap)
was Eddie Ross’ new book, Modern Mix. I highly recommend it if you have a love of
 design, thrifting, entertaining, a colorful collected style, reading, looking at pictures,
you get it ~ it’s fabulous for anyone!
And, as informative as it is FUN!
I was inspired by his beautiful collections of dishes and talent for the eclectic mixes
he creates. I started paying more attention to vintage dishes and glassware when I was
 thrifting, but hadn’t come across anything that spoke to me, until…

Modern Mix: Curating Personal Style with Chic & Accessible Finds – Eddie Ross

…I was at my local World Market (not sponsored btw, I just love them)
  and noticed these salad plates. And, although they weren’t vintage, they had the look.
A classic Chinoiserie style border, unique color combos, and my favorite, a good
 dose of pink. I thought they’d pair perfectly with something modern or antique,
 and can’t wait to see what else I find to add to the mix.

World Market Shanghai Salad Plate 

If you’re not familiar with World Market’s Explorer Club, a free rewards program, you
may want to check it out, asap! You’ll receive special coupons. I combined my birthday
 coupon ($10 off anything) and another coupon ($10 off a $30 purchase).
Making the total for six of these beautiful plates…$10!  
(Online they’re available as a set of 4, at my store they were sold individually.) 

You’re welcome. 🙂


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