Whoa you guys, I knew I’d taken advantage of the the summer with a slower, 

more casual blogging schedule, but I had no idea how overdue I was with my usual

 Ikea post, yikes – it’s been three months! 

 you’ve seen this stylish little gem around. It’s industrial style, gold details and black and

 white cord make it the perfect addition to give your room an eclectic mix.  

Ikea Ranarp 

Adjustable Arm & Head

Off White or Nickel Plated with Gold Details 

Solid Construction – Heavy Base

Black & White Cotton Cord

17″ H

60″ H x 30″ L  

You can see in these inspiration photos it’s ideal for an office lamp, nightstand

 reading lamp, pretty accent for an entry, or the floor lamp is a chic up-to-date look

 for a family room. 














If you’re an Ikea fan you can find more of my favorites here,

and if not, you might become one when you see these awesome items:


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