Happy Summer friends! I hope yours is off to a good start. It’s time for another round of

My Five Favorites, we’re chatting about our favorite summer products. Friends are always

 my go-to for beauty product and fashion recommendations, and I’m anxious to see what

 these girls’ must-haves are.  

Our guest this month couldn’t be sweeter or more perfect for our topic! Sheila @

Maison de Cinq is a former fashion stylist, and has a great eye for decor and all things

 home, as well. How beautiful is this cool, casual vibe she’s created for her summer

 living room?

#1 – Rapid Lash

You guys NEED this, whatever the season! I’ve always had good eyelashes, but they

were gradually getting shorter. I checked with some friends and started searching

are SO long, and it only took a couple of weeks. I originally bought it at Ulta, with a coupon

 I found online, it ended up being $40, and then saw this deal at Costco – 2 for $49!

I’m still using my original tube I bought over 3 months ago and have skipped nights here

 and there.     

#2 – Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

a refreshing, soothing cucumber extract. The smell makes me feel like I’m at a spa. 🙂

This cleanser is a little pricey but it goes a long way. I was first introduced when I received

 it as a gift, when I went to get a replacement at Sephora they said it was their best selling

 cleanser. The smaller size ($15) is fun to tie on a special gift (perfect for any age) or for a

 hostess gift. 

#3 – Forever 21 Studded Slide Sandal 

sandals getting dirty but I still like to wear something prettier than $1 flip flops. I love

 Available in black or white.

#4 – Target Kona Mules


If I wear something new I judge the cuteness factor by how many compliments I

 off the chart on compliments. I always tell people they’re from Target, I really thought one

 stranger was going to hug me, she was beside herself excited to get a pair. 

They’re available in Black, White, Red & Silver.  

(The photo on Target website is SO poor, they don’t look like someone dumped 

a bottle of glitter on them, they look like photo below)

#5 – H & M Floral Skirt

 with a fitted knotted white t-shirt and fun tassel earrings. Perfect dressed up or down. 



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