Happy Friday friends!
Some of you may be getting TGIF on Saturday, we had no Internet for 36 hours.
After troubleshooting on the phone for an hour with no luck I knew the dreaded,
“We’ll have to send someone from our technical team out.” was next.
I was, oh so happy to have been offered the 7am slot! Seriously.
It’s amazing how a simple Internet connection can put a bounce in your step! ūüôā

Apt Envy
An inspiring story of how a woman reinvented her home (Craigslist played a big part)
 and life, and lost 45 lbs after divorce. Did you recognize the Ikea Billy bookcases flanking
 the fireplace?  

(Please share source if known) 
I’m itching to start planting and love walking out my back door and clipping fresh herbs.
Here’s a perfect list of what to plant how to grow it. ¬†
11 Essential Herbs for your Edible Garden

I couldn’t click over fast enough. ¬†¬†

My favorite vignette of the week by Elizabeth at Little Black Door
You can find her on Instagram @littleblackdoor 

Here’s to a great weekend!


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