Hi friends, just quickly popping in today to remind you of my favorite

 Black Friday deal.

 I don’t think people pay much attention because there hasn’t ever been a flock

 of people, so no need to show up in jammies at 5am.   

Home Depot – Fresh Evergreen

18″ – 22″ Wreaths – $5

15′ Garland – $5

At my store they have tables set up at the entry as well as several in the garden section. 

I’ll put mine up right away because my Annual Christmas Party is December 1st.

The wreaths always hold their shape well, but the garland is definitely crispy and

drooping after a couple weeks in our dry Denver weather. 

A friend of mine buys hers and leaves them outside until she’s ready to put them up

and has had great luck. I think I’ll buy a couple extra this year. 

Don’t forget the Stuff We Love continues with these fabulous ladies today!


I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and families,

hope it’s filled with delicious food and fun memories! 





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